The Waveries are dedicated to returning the planet earth to it's natural equilibrium. Through music, poetry and intelligent dialogue, we can act to change the relationship between man, nature and technology such that all may become one.

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                                  SOLO - ACOUSTIC
                            THE WAVERIES - ELECTRIC

THE WAVERIES Present MOTHER EARTH, An Environmental Rock Opera

MOTHER EARTH                               

Part 1  Evolution   
 1) Birth                                                                                
 2) Balance                                                                                                                              
 3) To Be Alive
 4) The Master Race
 5) Aftereffects
 6) The Primrose Path
 7) Take It Easy On The Trees

Part 2  The Messenger
 8) The Dream And The Prayer
 9) The Answer
10) The Messenger
11) Voices In My Head
12) Epiphany
13) The Weight Of The World
14) Clear And True
15) Far Away From Home
16) For You My Mother Earth
17) Paradise Is Bleeding